Le management is Scandinavia’s biggest model and management agency. We started up 5 years ago and now hold offices in Aarhus, Copenhagen and Stockholm. We represent some of the worlds most highly profiled models as well as serving a broader commercial market.
This blog unites the work, life and world of models as well as artists, designers and photographers. We cover the beauty, the fashion, the personal style, the diet and those untold tips and tricks.
We welcome you to our world.

the team behind the website /

editor Sarah Paaschburg

/ Sarah has worked in the fashion industry for the past 10 years. Starting out as a freelance fashion stylist working national as well as international, since then becoming a fashion editor /

editor Annamaria Munk

/ Annamaria started out her career in fashion as a model and has since worked as a scout while being the editor of an online fashion and art platform run by an advertising company  /

model contributor Andreas Furbo

/ Andreas is a true insider on the fashion industry as well as on the model scene, growing his interest since traveling  round the world with his girlfriend who’s a top model for the past 4 years /

beauty & wellness contributor Sofie Jørgensen

/ Sofie has worked with beauty, wellness and health for many years. She has a skin therapy degree, is a trained makeup artist and has studied health and nutrition. Sofie started her career in the fashion industry 12 years ago working as a makeup artist. She became the Beauty Editor for the Danish fashion magazine Eurowoman in 2008. Now Sofie is a beauty & wellness journalist and expert working for the leading national medias in Scandinavia  /

styling director  Maja Fløjstrup

/ Maja has worked in the fashion industry for several years and is a true fashion-lover always updated on the latest trends. Maja was previously part of the supercool NOTE Magazine and now pick  out the hottest trends and best items for you at Le Management Editorial /

fashion director  Sia Lucia Nguyen

/ Sia has worked as a blogger within fashion for several years, and has a great sense of trends and the newest fashion news. She previously worked for HEADSTART FASHION, where she coordinated events and fashion arrangements. At Le management editorial she pick out the latest it-items and fashion trends /

PR & Charity coordinator  Sophie Bolund 
/ Sophie has worked in the fashion industry for several years where she is conveying and advising about styling and the latest fashion trends. She is born with a great love for fashion and is educated in fashion communication. At Le Management she is working as a coordinator in PR and managing a new charity section /


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