written by lemanagement October 10, 2017
 Pia Ankjær is a creative artist at Le Management, and the absolute to-go person when it comes to hair and makeup. This week we have asked Pia a couple of questions about her way to becoming a makeup and hair artist, what inspires her and much more! 

How did you become a makeup and hair stylist? 

Actually I started on a hairdressing school, but was later introduced to makeup. I thought to myself “This is my call! I do not want to work in a hairsalon for the rest of my life – I need to try this out”. After I finished me final exam at the hairdressing school, I moved to Aarhus and started on the makeup artists school. Through the school I met some amazing photographers, and little by little I got some small jobs. 

What is your best experience as a makeup and hair stylist so far? 

The best and wildest experience so far was when I got the opportunity to work as the head makeup artist on a Danish movie called “Fuglene Over Sundet”. We filmed 14 days in Ireland, where I got the responsibility for two makeup-assistents and their assistants. During our stay in Ireland, we stayed at a five star hotel, and I had my very own makeup trailer that could fit ten people. It was really different compared to the standard filmsets in Denmark – it felt a bit like working in a Hollywood production! It was also pretty cool to experience how the film industry is abroad. 

What is the biggest difference between working in film- and fashion industry? 

Normally when I work in the film industry, it is for a longer period of time. I love to get to know the people on set, and really work together as a team with the whole production. Like, for example I have to work with the sound guy to figure out how to hide a microphone in the hair of an actor and so on. While working in fashion, I can be more creative and experimental.

Where do you find inspiration? 

My favorite places to find inspiration is on Instagram and Pinterst. I also find inspiration in the streets, just by looking a people.

What is your best advise for someone who wants to become a makeup or hair stylist? 

First of all you have to find out what field you want to work in, and the only way to know is to try. If you want to become a fashion makeup artist, I recommend you to become an intern for one of the known makeup artists, or contact a makeup artist and ask if you can tag along. This way you have the chance to help doing a shoot and then get some experience. You can also start out in one of the many makeup artist schools like Sine Ginsborg or Nicci Welsh. 

Good luck!

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