written by lemanagement October 5, 2017
The beautiful Caroline Sundström, who works as a full-time model at Le Management, is giving us some insight on her amazing sense of style! She always manages to look stylish in an effortless way, and we have to say, that we are rather envious.


Describe your style in 3 words?
Timeless, chic, comfy

What is your fashion uniform?
Before, I would definitely have answered dresses or skirts, but lately I’ve got a hang up on nice trousers. It is so convenient? Haha. One thing that I’m tired of is freezing, so I would def say something warm this time a year and that works both day and night. A nice knitted sweater with loose pants and loafers.



Which is your favourite high street store?
I don’t know if you are allowed to say this but I really don’t enjoy shopping? That’s a hard situation if you like clothing like I do. No, but if I’m not hungry or thirsty, hehe, I enjoy shopping when I’m travelling. Otherwise Internet is the place to be.



What item or items are you never going to wear?
In this business you can never say never! I think I have been wearing the worst things due to work over the years. But for my personal style, I would never wear flat sandals with straps up on the legs, gladiator sandals. It is not flattering.


What is the best item that you have ever bought?
My dog, she completes any outfit 😉 Otherwise it’s a cashmere coat from Sandro that I bought on sale in Barcelona 3 years ago or my pointy suede pumps from Saint Laurent (that I caught for 100 euros at The Mall outside Florens this summer!).

What is on top of your shoppinglist right now?
I am not a big shopper so I never “crave” something, but the perfect double breasted blazer is always welcome to my wardrobe.


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