written by Anna Lundgaard June 28, 2017

Are you happy? Truly happy?
They say that Denmark is one of the happiest countries in the world, but am I the only one feeling bombarded with article after article, posting after posting about Danes going down with depression, anxiety and/or stress?
Is the solution really medicating yourself, sick-leave? Maybe. But what if you already have the tools to be truly happy and just need some guidance? Or even just tools for preventative measures?

To a lot of models those feelings are no stranger. It can be a very stressful industry to handle. Especially if you are only a child when you enter the industry.
Le Management is one of the agencies that insist on helping courageous young girls through the already very confusing teenage years whilst building a career and making a business plan, but a lot of girls aren’t as lucky. If you are one of the more mature models, like myself(☺), you might know that nutritionists, personal trainers, promotional guidance, business planning etc was not a part of the package when you would sign with your first agency.
As a result I have found myself incredibly lost in my early twenties. As sad as it may sound my happiness could very often depend on other people’s approval of me. I would feel that I always let people down one way or the other. I remember constantly feeling guilty. If I was going through slow periods of work I would feel guilty for not sitting on a school bench, if I was busy I would be feeling guilty about not attending family birthdays, anniversaries, family vacations etc.
Even though these feelings are completely legit, and I am sure a lot of people can relate, a thinking process like that can be incredibly poisonous. You will find yourself constantly stressed out, feeling anxious and happiness is slowly something you treat yourself with in the small pockets of moment where you chose to let go.


What if you could just let go? Be happy all the time? Is this a little naive? I surely don’t think so! You deserve to be! I am telling you this reminding myself, as life is a work in progress and shit happens and that’s ok.
Just remember, you don’t always need the darkness to see the light!

I am happy to announce that I have curated an amazing workshop July 5th @YoStudios
I have flown the Brazilian meditation guide & transformation coach @SahDsimone in from New York where he is a bit of a guro.
The workshop is called: Happiness-Equation

Where: Yo-Studios : Sturlasgade 14, M1, 2300 Copenhagen
When : July 5th 6:30pm-8pm


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