written by Anna Lundgaard October 18, 2016
I love movement! Whereever my job or even vacation takes me, I always try to find a local place to explore a form of movement that isn’t “the hotel gym”. I have a love for Pilates, Ballet barre, dance and yoga. I like to sweat and breath out stress and toxins. Let me start by explaining, how I find that it is really important to listen to your body! Finding the form of movement that suits you and check-in with yourself often. What you needed yesterday might be different tomorrow. I speak from pure experience. I find that it’s so interesting how we teach our-selves when we get older to stay awake although we are tired, eat even though we are not hungry, or power through even though we are exhausted. As a model traveling constantly, my body has told me to slow down many times, and I have avoided the signals a numerous amount of times because I didn’t think it was an option. Trust me, with dark circles under your eyes, break outs and/or stomach aces you dont feel very beautiful.
After a very busy work-travel month in September, where the only movement and training I did was running to make my appointments in time, I’ve decided to commit to a min. 5-day-training a week (no excuse).
This month I need to do a lot of Yoga and hiking.
As I live in Hollywood the options are endless in those categories. I live 10 mins walk from my favorite hiking trail on Runyon Canyon. I feel so lucky to be able to walk up a mountain and see this enchanting city from above. At the same time, is so amazing to be on your feet considering the fact that you spend so much time in your car in Los angeles.
The Yoga studio that I use (and can highly recommend) is called “Corepower Yoga”. First of all it is convenient because it has several locations all over town (one is only 15 mins walk from my house), secondly it is a studio that is fitness inspired, so you will feel like you get a work out at the same time. Thirdly, most of their classes are heated, so you get a nice sweat going! I love the instructors at “CP” who have focus on breath and strength and slow the classes down so you hold the poses for a longer time. Yoga is still challenging to me, and it feels different every time.
Yoga and nature make me feel confident and beautiful, because it takes me out of my own head and helps me stay present and breath. I feel stronger and longer every day  (coming from a woman who already measures 180cm in hight I guess that’s pretty good right?!)

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