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Memorable stuff from my just-finished fashionseason ss17

written by Line Brems October 7, 2016



1. Spending quality time with my roomies ranking the shows on the quality (or not so much quality) of the catering provided at the shows (lv and giambi did really good).


2. Getting a 60 euro fine for buying a metro-ticket that didn’t work and therefore jumping the gate like a parquer-queen – looked good but definately wasn’t worth it!

3. Fighting my way through hundreds of people trying to reach the Tommy Hilfiger casting but got sidetracked and suddenly found myself in the casting line for a Kanye West Show. Still can’t believe I didn’t get that one either 😉


4. Witnessing two models fainting almost simultaneously right after a show at the end of Paris Fashion Week.

5. Watching an infected blister turn into a wanna-be elephant leg on my model-friend and then miraculously heal up after three days on antibiotics.


6. Waiting for hours on designers to turn up, outfits to be altered, schedules to arrive, dinners to be served (that’s on me, as I was the one cooking them?).


7. Walking 27 beautiful shows without falling, tripping or recking my ankle – okay, I didn’t walk Marc Jacobs in NY (did the casting and was terrified; my only focus was moving one giant foot in front of the other. Probably looking like a horrormovie thus not getting the job – or so I tell myself) but I was grateful to nail the Giambattista Valli runway in a 20 cm high heel and plateau on the front without injuring myself or other people.

6-walking-27-beautiful8. Being rotten sick with a fever for a day and getting lots of love and care from my roomie.

9. Getting much needed visit from my Danish bookers bringing happy vibes and licorice ? AND taking all us girls out for great dinners with even greater desserts.

10. Feeling insecure one minute and “the shit” the next.

11. Not getting enough sleep and being all crybaby and/or dramaqueen.

11-not-getting-enough12. Trying to play it by ear and not taking turn-downs, mistakes or even bad behaviour personally – as everybody is under a lot of pressure.

13. Drinking way to much coffee.

14. Having a thai-massage in New York.

15. Having a blast at the crazy cool Philipp Plein show catching a ride with the huge carousel put up in the middle of the runway.

15b-philipp-plein16. Bonding with Gigi Hadid on one sweet occasion backstage at the Bottega Veneta show in Milan.

17. Accidentally dropping my mobile in the toilet at the Miu Miu casting and moving faster than Lucky Luke’s shadow grabbing it as it dived into the water (also known as pee).

18. Sitting in a cafe downtown Manhattan when I and everybody around notice that the homeless man on the bench outside hasn’t been moving for a very long time. The police turn up and move his dead body – definately put all my “small” problems in perspective.

19. Living with six Danish beautiful (on the inside as well as the outside) models/collegues/friends to share it all with.


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