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emma matell

She’s 17 years old, but her passion for the fashion industry and taking beautiful photos started out many years ago. She loves old sci-fi, and she dreams of a Paris-studio. Meet the young fashion photographer, Emma Matell ♡

When did you become interested in the whole fashion world and why?

When I was 13 years old, I got hired by a fashion blogger to shoot her outfit photos. Through her, I met a lot of cool people in the industry and got super inspired. I also started hanging out with some other young girls and boys like me, who had an interest in the industry. Many of these are still some of my really good friends and we now work in different fields inside of the industry. I guess the whole fashion world had always seemed super exclusive and closed to me, so when the door opened a little bit, I got more and more curious to explore it

When did you first know that you wanted to be a photographer?

When I was nine years old, I made a drawing of a camera, deciding this was gonna be my career path. When I got ten years old, I started photographing on a old digital camera. I just photographed everything around me. Everything with or without a pulse in the parks surrounding me – and my girlfriends and classmates

I grew up in the center of copenhagen in the internet age and started sharing photos since I was very young. I think that was what really got me into it. Being able to share it with everyone instantly and constantly improve my skills

Who and what inspires you most?

I’m very inspired by my friends. Long conversations with my friends can really start some thoughts in my head, and there’s no better feeling than walking away from a friend feeling so enlightened and high on ideas.. maybe a bit tipsy as well

I also find a lot of inspiration in the human’s perception of the future through times. Like how they imagined 2016 to be in 1986 and the cultural manifest of that. Old science fiction really triggers me and makes me want to adjust the world to their expectations

Your latest buy?

Sleek Magazine, Metal Magazine and i-D. I actually don’t buy that much clothes. Sometimes I buy season-based clothes in the highstreet stores but mostly I steal my mum’s old clothes. She’s got some amazing clothes from the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s. She recently gave me an old pair of just-under-the-knee-leather boots with pointed toes. They’re completely purple inside and I adore them

Your favourite designer?

At the moment I’m really into a lot of the new upcoming designers. I love Ferrari Concept, Anne Sofie Madsen, Gosha Rubinschky and Louise Lyngh Bjerregaard

Musthaves in your wardrobe?

I care very much about my crazy shades and I have quite a collection. But I also love my menswear inspired shoes – they are so easy and fit everything

What is your favourite trend right now?

I love this whole wave of neo-romantic clubber clothes. Like combinations of romantic details with red patent leather. Victorian meets Berghain

Which instagrammers are your favourite?

Shitmodelmgmt makes me so happy. Jooleeloren makes the BEST and most hilarious drawings – a perfect mix of fashion illustrations and meme’s. My friend ninamarker is the real MVP on instagram. Also michelgaubert is awesome

Who would be your biggest dream to shoot with?

I have so many girls and boys that I would love to photograph. But a little editorial with Marine Vacht, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Caroline de Maigret would be totally ok with me

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

In a beautiful studio in Paris, probably still living off cup noodles but shooting for some great independant magazines. Usually I try not to think that far though, it’s a bit scary

Best tip for young girls and boys dreaming big?

When I just started out I was super annoying. I had a naive confidence in my own (back then super shitty) work but that’s what gave me the courage to write everyone who could be interested in seeing it. I simply just wrote e-mails to everyone with some information about myself. One out of 30 would answer me, and those who did, I’m still working with today. Just be pushy, approach everyone you think is cool and offer them to work for them. Take it seriously if you get an opportunity and stay curious

Follow Emma’s life and work on Instagram: @emmamatell

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