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plant based facial cream / shirt from isabel marant / bag from proenza / pants from zara / off shoulder sweater from acne / elisabeth arden eight hour creme / sandals from louis vuitton /

Stunning Sandra Schmidt travels the world doing shows for the biggest designers such as Céline, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Valentino and Marc Jacobs. We’ve asked her about her best modeling memories, her favourite city and her best health tips

When did you start out as a model?: I began to work as a model in the beginning of 2013

What was your first job as a model?: My very first modeling job took place in Copenhagen and was for a magazine

What is your best memory from modeling?: I have a lot of great memories throughout my time modeling but my first Milan fashion week stands out. Especially doing the Prada show. This was the first big thing that happened to my carrier and I still remember how the adrenalin rushed through my body

Where do you live?: I live near Vejle in Denmark

If you should recommend a place in your city, which would it be?: I would recommend this small shop called ‘Tendens’, which has all the great brands. Other than that the Lido café is a really nice place to sit down and relax

What is your favourite city?: It’s hard to choose one. I really like Paris because it’s just beautiful. But New York has that great feeling to it

If you should recommend a place in your favourite city, which would it be?: I always have limited time to actually go see the cities I stay in, but I remember this one time in Paris when I bought a sandwich for dinner and went to sit on a bench in Champ De Mars by the Eiffel Tower

A must have in your wardrobe?: I love basics and comfortable clothes

Which trend do you think is the biggest at the moment?: Showing a bit of the shoulders. I love all the off-shoulder tops in stores right now – but I also really like the trend for a soft and warm sweater

What is your favourite brand and why?: I like Louis Vuitton for the always beautiful clothing. Also I’m a big fan of both Isabel Marant and Zara for the quality and style

What us your favourite accessory?: My favourite accessory must be my Proenza shoulder bag, which I got after the show in New York

Your best beauty tip?: Drink lots of water and use plant-based creams

What is your must have beauty products brand and why?: That’s most definitely Eight Hour Cream from Elisabeth Arden. It saves my skin all year, but especially during wintertime

How do you keep in shape?: I live near a forest where I go for runs or walks. Besides that I do stretching both at home and in hotel rooms

What do you prefer to eat?: I love food and snacks. In particular I love grilled and barbecued food. To be seated outside with people I love is a great night for me

A general tip to stay healthy?: Do the things that make you happy, be with the people you love, eat healthy but allow yourself some candy or pizza from time to time

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