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Model gallery / Astrid Rorman

written by lemanagement July 14, 2016

Astrid Rorman

Maroccan oil / dress from Ganni / rings from & Other Stories / sandals from & Other Stories / earring from Line & Jo / sweater from APC / Mom jeans  from m.i.h jeans / mascara from Mac

Dark and intriguing beauty Astrid Rormand has a very scandinavian and simplistic style with few selected pieces from her favourite shopping spots in hometown Aarhus. This stunning dane is balancing school with a blooming modeling career

When did you start out as a model?: I was 15 years old, when I was first scouted in the streets of Aarhus. After a few months consideration I finally decided to give it a try

What was your first job as a model?: If I remember correctly my first job was for Ninna York in Copenhagen. It was an amazing job with the sweetest team

What is your best memory you have made through modeling?: That must be the day, I opened a Danish Elle issue and saw a picture of me described as one to watch

Where do you live?: I live in Aarhus, Denmark

If you should recommend a place in your city, which would it be?: Definatly the ‘latin quarter’. It has lots of interesting vintageshops, nice little coffeehouses and just a really cool vibe to it

What is your favourite city?: London, I think. Everyone seems so friendly and there are so many different parts of the city that it never gets boring

A must have in your wardrobe?: My dad’s old knitted sweater. Even if it’s not the most trendy thing, I’ve just worn it so much throughout the last many years. You can always count on it, haha

What is your latest buy?: I bought quite a lot of jewelry in gold lately because I think they go really well for summer

Which trend do you think is the biggest at the moment?: I like the nineties and seventies trend a lot – I love mom-jeans and flower-printed dresses

What is your favourite brand and why?: I’m so happy that & Other Stories recently opened up a store in Aarhus. It has really good quality and is not too expensive, which is great, when you’re on a budget

What is your favourite accessory?: I love jewelry – and especially gold pieces. I wear simple rings on my fingers, a beautiful bracelet and small loop-earrings. I always keep my jewelry very simple

Your best beauty tip?: Don’t use heat styling tools every day. I did it for about four years, which made my hair so damaged, I had to cut it several times before it was both long and healthy again with natural curls. Learn how to take good care of your hair in a way, that works for you. Personaly I bought an amazing hair oil to keep it under control while also keeping it soft and healthy

What is your must have beauty product brand and why?: I love Mac for my makeup routine. Even though it can be a bit pricey the quality is great

How do you keep in shape?: I ride my bike to school and try to walk at least five kilometers a day. Also I run and try to do some weight training

What do you prefer to eat?: I really like fruit. I eat a lot of grapes for snacks – it is a great alternative for chokolate when you need that energy boost

A general tip to stay healthy?: Just make sure you cut down on everything not good for you whenever you can. It can be little things like eating rye bread in stead of white bread and drinking water in stead of soda

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