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written by lemanagement April 25, 2016

ElleBeauty_FridaMarklund_2ElleBeauty_FridaMarklund_1 ElleBeauty_FridaMarklund_3 ElleBeauty_FridaMarklund_4 ElleBeauty_FridaMarklund_5This Elle story highlights some of the biggest trends in makeup as seen on the catwalk for spring ’16, at the same time providing you with the answer on how to wear that big trend; COLORS

It’s no secret that the reign of the no-makeup look is over (at least for a while) and it’s time to go shopping those bold colors like electric blue, pink, purple and baby pink shockers! and the answer on how to wear the colors, is any way you want!

Just make sure to focus either on eyes, cheeks or lips. Draw sharp geometrical lines above your eyes, go smokey in new colors or randomly add a splash of glitter. It all work just as long as you remember to fill in with a happy mood, a casual vibe and a smile. The color trend definitely secure you a lot of attention.

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