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written by lemanagement April 5, 2016

brushMason Pearson, you might already know the hyped brushes preferred by all prominent hairstylists worldwide

However this brush is not only for professional use and styling, it’ s all about providing the best hair care, and it works!

Using this brush every day has several benefits. It helps stimulate your scalp helping hair grow thick and healthy. Further it opens the hair follicle, releasing scalp’s natural oil, while the boar bristles absorb the oil and distribute it in the lengths of your hair adding shine and moist. This procedure ads fullness at the bottom and more shine in the length. Remember always using the brush on dry hair

Further the brush can help solve problems with the accumulation of both greasy and dry dandruffs as well as replace frequent shampooing since an overuse of shampoo is often the reason of excessive production of fat and allergic reactions

On this photo it’s the Mason Pearson Popular BN1 Boar Bristle & Nylon. Choose the right brush for your type of hair amongst the categories

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